Specialized in timeless, mid - century style elegance, PRETTIE LANES creates fashion with a period authentic look & feel without manufacturing reproductions. It offers a new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage - in your size! Find fashion and hats by designer Franziska Schlupski. Accoutering clients all over the globe, PRETTIE LANES is shipping worldwide from Switzerland.


PRETTIE LANES designs & hats are sold in limited editions keeping each piece special for the customer and facing todays' challenge of mass production. Once sold out - a design will not be available again in the exact same style.


Environmentally conscious, each garment is handmade to order in PRETTIE LANES' private house atelier in Switzerland. Made in standards sizes & made to measure. Ethically manufactured, slow fashion from Switzerland.


PRETTIE LANES creates new, midcentury style, true to era designs, yet no vintage repros. With vintage sewing and construction techniques & period accurate materials each piece has the signature vintage look & feel.