To accurately manufacture your garment, your BODY MEASUREMENTS (with underwear) are needed.

Please do not add any ease to your measurements. The measuring tape should be neither too loose nor too tight, just fitted. The descriptions and pictures provided will guide you through the process.





* a flexible measuring tape

* recommendation: get help from another person, as this makes it easier to make exact measurements, a mirror can also be helpful if you measure alone





* Its is recommended to fill in this form on a desktop and not via a mobile phone for a better overview of the pictures and corresponding descriptions.

* Padded bras, a corset or shapewear and similar can make a huge difference. So please make sure to measure your body with the underwear you most likely will wear under the ordered garment.

* Advice: As many measurements are based on your waistline, it makes it easier when you pull a string around your natural waistline that will mark this line for all other corresponding measurements.



In case a measurement seems to be wrong or unrealistic you will be contacted by Prettie Lanes. Please note, Prettie Lanes can not take any responsibility for measurements taken inaccurately.



loose   =   very comfortable fit with a lot of ease to move

fitted   =   standard choice if you do not fill out this field. A close fit with ease to move but wonderfully

             'hugging your curves', according to the design.

tight    =  measurement of the finished garment equals your body measurement (no ease added).

Y O U R  P E R S O N A L  D E T A I L S

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


(1) Bust: Measure around the body at the fullest part of the bust, making sure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.



(2) Waist: Measure around your natural waistline, making sure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.



(3) Hips: Measure around the widest part. This is generally between 15-21cm/6-8'' down from the waistline.








(4) Overbust: Measure directly over the bust (under the armpits). Breathe normally, and measure after you’ve exhaled.


(5) Underbust: Measure around the body under the bust, making sure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.


(6) Bust Span: Measure from apex to apex.






(7) Bust Height: Measure from one bust point (apex) around your neck to the other bust point.


(8) Waist Height: Measure from the waist across one bust point around your neck to the other bust point down to the waist line.


(9) Hip Height: Measure from your waisline down to your hipline (Distance Waist to Hip).








(10) Shoulder: Measure from the neck to the shoulder bone.


(11) Back Width: Measure 15cm down from the neck bone at the centre back and then across the back from where one arm meets the body to where the other arm meets the body.


(12) Back Length: Measure from the neck bone (feel the bone when you move down your head) at the centre back down to the waist line.








(13) Waist to Knee: Measure at the front from your natural waistline down to your knee.


(14) Waist to Floor: Measure at the side(!) from your natural waistline down to the floor.











(15) Armhole:


Wrap the tape measure from the shoulder to the armpit. Wrap the tape measure further around, back up to the shoulder.











(16) Biceps:

With the arm bent, measure the upper arm circumference at the widest part.


(17) Forearm:

Measure the forearm circumference at the largest area (usually 5cm/2'' below the elbow).


(18) Wrist:

Measure your wrist circumference just below your wrist bone.








(19) Arm Length:


With the arm bent, measure from the shoulder bone, over the elbow and down to the wristbone.













(20) Neck:

Measure around your neck touching the front collar bone.


NEW DESIGNS are added year-around.

CUSTOMIZE your size and add extras.




Away from mass production and sameness - PRETTIE LANES fashion designs & hats are sold in limited editions only to keep pieces special. Once sold out - a design will never be available again in the exact same style. Each creation is exclusively sold via this online boutique or via the official Showroom.




Environmentally conscious, all day wear creations and hats are designed & carefully handmade from natural-,  bio degradable fabrics and durable materials such as metal zippers in PRETTIE LANES' private in-house atelier in Zurich, Switzerland. Ethically manufactured, Swiss slow fashion.




PRETTIE LANES offers the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage in your size. The true to era designs (yet no vintage reproductions) are manufactured using vintage sewing and construction techniques & period accurate materials, creating the signature vintage look & feel with - after all - the numerous amount of genuinely    hand-stitched details.




The in-house design and manufacturing process at PRETTIE LANES allow for customized designs as well as customized sizing. Choose a custom waist or custom skirt length or go for a full made-to-measure. Body positivity is one of the core values of the company that cherishes and serves clients of all shapes and sizes around the globe.




Welcome to one of the smallest „fashion houses“ in the world! PRETTIE LANES is an independent small business with the designer & owner F. Schlupski caring full-time about each process on her own serving clients in to date more than 39 countries worldwide with day wear, hats and evening couture gowns. Shop small - Enjoy the special!


Feel free to get in touch for an appointment to visit the Prettie Lanes Showroom in Kanton Zurich, Switzerland. Services offered: measuring service for made-to-measure & custom orders, fabric selection for custom orders, design discussion for custom orders. More information here >>>






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PRETTIE LANES offers much more than a handmade, period - authentic design. It sells the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage, in your size...

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