PRETTIE LANES offers much more than a handmade, period - authentic design.

It sells the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage, in your size - the original since 2015.



Franziska Schlupski PRETTIE LANES is specialized in the iconic fashion of the 1940s and 1950s. Nostalgic styles for all the ladies, who cherish the femininity and romance of that era. Authenticity, the attention to details and timeless elegance shape the collections.

With vintage sewing and construction techniques PRETTIE LANES intends to create designs that are as authentic as possible, yet no reproductions. Metal zippers, rayon seam hemming, hand-crochet belt loops, fabrics in limited editions and a lot of handstitching are just a few things used to develop the signature authentic 'vintage look and feel' without(!) a modern twist.



Away from mass production and sameness - PRETTIE LANES fashion designs & hats are sold in limited editions only to keep pieces special. Each piece is handmade in the' private in-house atelier in Switzerland and is exclusively available online and made to order without any surplus produced. Producing in an environmentally conscious way and contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry, the day wear creations and hats are designed & ethically handmade from natural-,  bio degradable fabrics and durable materials to  last for decades. Size inclusion has been a key pillar of the company right from the start. All designs are available in standards sizes, customized sizes and full made-to-measures. So feel what it is like to wear a handmade, rare vintage garment and enjoy the advantage of simply choosing your inividual size. Shop small - enjoy the special!





Photo: Designer & Owner Franziska Schlupski, photographed by Aida Dapo Muharemovic.


The German designer and owner behind PRETTIE LANES - Franziska Schlupski (born 1989 in Eberswalde, Germany) started sewing when she was 11 years old and never stopped designing and sewing ever since. During graduation from her business studies, she moved from Germany to Switzerland. After 2 years of business preparation, the self-financed and independent fashion label 'Franziska Schlupski PRETTIE LANES' was launched in 2015 after 15 years of (autodidact) sewing and design experience. Franziska Schlupski leads and cares about every aspect of her company herself - from the design to the material sourcing over to manufacturing the garments and handling all administrative processes - slow, ethical fashion from Switzerland.

Till today, she built up an international trading company with customers in more than 41 countries worldwide and a product palette ranging from day wear & hats to evening couture - A one woman business paving its way towards building  one of the "smallest fashion houses“ in the world.




Brand & Collections

The company Franziska Schlupski PRETTIE LANES launches new designs year-around and does not work in seasonal collections due to the worldwide customer base and due to working on a environmentally conscious made-to-order basis. It offers different product lines -the Day Wear includes Separates, Dresses, Hats and Outer Wear, while the demi-couture line offers exclusively made-to-measure evening gowns and one of a kinds. PRETTIE LANES is furthermore offering permanent collections with new designs added year-around, such as the "Canvas Collection" of neutral shades or the "Ruby Collection" for festive attire. Like any Prettie Lanes Originals, these are manufactured in limited editions only.




Despite caring about each process on her own, Franziska Schlupski in 2022 welcomed Aleksandra Gion and Pema Lungthok as its official house models for vintage inspired photoshoots.


PRETTIE LANES in the media

NEW DESIGNS launch year-around.

CUSTOMIZE your size & add extras.




Away from mass production and sameness - PRETTIE LANES fashion designs & hats are sold in limited editions only. Once sold out - a design will never be available again in the exact same style & color to maintain specialty and exclusivity. Following a sustainable, made-to-order policy, you can order your very own PRETTIE LANES original via this online boutique or via the official Showroom only.





Environmentally conscious, the day wear creations and hats are designed & handmade to order from era accurate, natural-,  bio degradable fabrics and durable materials in PRETTIE LANES' in-house atelier in Zurich, Switzerland. Ethically manufactured, slow fashion without any surplus or garment waste produced.





PRETTIE LANES offers the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage in your size - the original since 2015. The designs are manufactured using finest, historically accurate sewing and construction techniques as well as period accurate materials, creating that signature vintage look & feel emphasized by a generous amount of hand-stitched details - a luxury component all PRETTIE LANES originals feature.





The in-house design and manufacturing process at PRETTIE LANES allow for customized designs as well as customized sizing. Choose a custom waist, a custom bodice length, a custom skirt length or go for a full made-to-measure. Body positivity is one of the core values of this company that cherishes and serves clients of all shapes and sizes around the globe.




Welcome to one of the smallest „fashion houses“ in the world! PRETTIE LANES is an independent one-woman business with the designer & owner F.Schlupski caring about each process on her own- from the design & pattern creation to sourcing, manufacturing, marketing & more. To date PRETTIE LANES serves clients in more than 41 countries worldwide with day- and festive attire, hats and evening couture. Shop small - Enjoy the special!



Feel free to get in touch for an appointment to visit the Prettie Lanes Showroom in Kanton Zurich, Switzerland. Services offered: measuring service for made-to-measure & custom orders, fabric selection for custom orders, design discussion for custom orders. More information here >>>



PRETTIE LANES offers much more than a handmade, period - authentic design. It sells the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage, in your size...

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