Take a walk down memory lane with one of my mid-century inspired designs. All handmade in Switzerland.


Authentic details such as: metal zippers, rayon seams, covered buttons and vintage sewing techniques create a 'vintage look & feel' of my garments. Spread nostalgia and get your   G I F T   C A R D   here ...



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SOLD OUT   Bouclè Jacket in Creme --------------------------------------------------------

SOLD OUT   Bouclè Dress 'Kaity' in Creme -------------------------------------------------

SOLD OUT  Gingham Dress 'Summer Breeze 1951' -------------------------------------------

SOLD OUT   Straw Hat 'Summer Breeze 1951' ----------------------------------------------

SOLD OUT  Dropped Waist Dress 'Rina Rose' -----------------------------------------------



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                        Regular production time when you order & pay today*:

                                 1 - 2 weeks, starting end September


                                  * Made-to-measures and Multi-item orders have prolonged turnaround times.

Need more Info or forgot the processing time of your order?

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