Pearl Brooch "Sunburst"

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This brooch is the classic of mid-century elegance - a sunburst look paired with slightly pale peach-pink, artificial pearls and rhinestones (fashion jewelry). The base metal is light rose golden color.


This brooch was sourced to match Prettie Lanes` range of dresses to add even more elegance and glam to your look. Your order includes 1 brooch (necklace last picture not included but also orderable in the shop).



S T Y L E.  I N S P I R A T I O N


Shown with the pale pink pearl necklace "1956" that beautifully matches the pearl color of the brooch.


Wear on a lapel or collar: Sunburst brooches were often worn on the lapel or collar of a jacket or coat. This placement allowed the brooch to stand out and draw attention to the face.


Coordinate with other jewelry to create a cohesive look. You could pair it with a simple pair of earrings or a bracelet in a complementary color.


Simplicity: Add this brooch to a simple neckline and a classic silhouette to let the brooch shine. Calm elegance at its best.


Experiment with placement: While lapels and collars were the most common placement for sunburst brooches in the 1950s, don't be afraid to experiment with different placements. You could try wearing the brooch on a scarf or handbag, hat, at the center bust, waist or on a bow detail of a dress for a unique twist on a classic look.





One Size.

Diameter 5,5cm.



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Away from mass production and sameness - PRETTIE LANES fashion designs & hats are sold in limited editions with custom commissions/one-of-a-kinds being taken via the in-house couture line only. Once sold out - a design will never be available again in the exact same style & material to maintain specialty, exclusivity and add additional value to every single piece. Following a sustainable, made-to-order policy, you can purchase your very own PRETTIE LANES original exclusively via this online boutique.




Environmentally conscious, the day wear creations and hats are designed & handmade to order from era accurate, plastic free, bio degradable fabrics and durable materials in PRETTIE LANES' atelier in Zurich, Switzerland. The in-house pattern creation and size customization options will make it easy for you to order your individual size without(!) the nowadays commonly used plastic based stretch fibers necessary to ‚fit in‘. Ethically manufactured, slow fashion without any surplus produced.





PRETTIE LANES offers the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage in your size - the original since 2015. All designs are manufactured using finest, historically accurate sewing and construction techniques as well as period accurate materials, creating that signature vintage look & feel emphasized by a generous amount of hand-stitched details - a luxury component all PRETTIE LANES originals feature.





The in-house design and manufacturing process at PRETTIE LANES allow for customized designs as well as customized sizing. Choose a custom waist, a custom bodice length, a custom skirt length or go for a full made-to-measure. Body positivity is one of the core values of this company that cherishes and serves clients of all shapes and sizes around the globe by creating flattering and well fitted silhouettes without harmful plastic-based stretch fibers.





Welcome to one of the smallest „fashion houses“ in the world! PRETTIE LANES is an independent one-woman business with the designer & owner F.ranziska Schlupski caring about each process on her own- from the design & pattern creation to sourcing, manufacturing each garment, marketing & more. Till to date, PRETTIE LANES serves clients in more than 47 countries worldwide with ethically made, slow fashion.

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PRETTIE LANES fashion designs are ethically tailored in Switzerland on a sustainable, made-to-order basis to sync supply and demand in an industry in which garment waste remains one of the major problems. PRETTIE LANES manufactures with highest quality standards and uses plastic free, renewable raw material based, recyclable and bio-degradable fabrics whenever possible to avoid harmful plastics. All orders are packed plastic-free in fully bio-degradable and recyclable materials. Social responsibility has been a key pillar of this company and since the beginning of operation in 2015, PRETTIE LANES has been and still is a donor and supporter of organizations and projects worldwide. Thank you for shopping small!


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PRETTIE LANES offers much more than a handmade, period - authentic design. It sells the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage, in your size...

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