M A D E - T O - M E A S U R E


This term refers to all products that are manufactured according to the individual measurements of the client. If you have ordered a made-to-measure version of a product, do not forget to submit your full measurements via the Prettie Lanes "Submit your Measurements" form that guides you through the process with many desciptions and pictures. Please allow turnaround times from 3 weeks and longer (always indicated at individual product listings).




M A D E - T O - O R D E R


This term refers to all products that are first manufactured once the order was placed. Typically these are customized products or items that are produced according to the clients measurements. Please allow turnaround times from 1 week and more (always indicated at individual product listings).




N O N - R E O R D E R A B L E


This term refers to all Prettie Lanes designs at some point. Everything is limited edition and gone forever, once they are marked "sold out" (all stock that has been pre-manufactured by Prettie Lanes/that was avilable has sold). When a formerly reorderable product turns into a non-reorderable one, it can be considered as the very last restock of this item. After all stock has sold, this design will never be available again in the exact same style.




R E A D Y   T O   W E A R   ( R T W  or Ready to Ship)


This term - short RTW - refers to all products that are in stock/have been pre-manufactured at Prettie Lanes´ in-house atelier and are ready to ship within a few business days. For RTW dresses you can usually order a custom skirt length separately (see drop down navigation on each product page) to have a perfectly fitted length of your garment.






This term refers to designs that are temporary out of stock. These designs will be manufactured again and restocked in the future. Re-stockings are made within several days up to months, depending on material availability and the general PRETTIE LANES manufacturing schedule. Feel happily invited to subscribe to the free newsletter or join the social media community on Instagram to not miss out.


Each design at Prettie Lanes however remains a limited edition, so there won´t be many restocks (usually a max of 2 restocks per design) - remember Prettie Lanes being a small business will not support mass production at any time. Offering designs in more than one „batch“ simply allows for a more flexible manufacturing schedule and a more efficient evaluation of demanded sizes. 




T U R N A R O U N D   T I M E


This term refers to the time-frame in which the ordered product is manufactured. While RTW pieces have already been pre-manufactured, made-to-order and made-to-measure items have turnaround times from 1 week and longer (as indicated on product page, when choosing a product). I 


Wish to feel the fabrics, take a closer look at all designs & enjoy an exclusive, private shopping experience? Book your appointment and visit the "Prettie Lanes Paradise" Showroom here >>>



Away from mass production and sameness - PRETTIE LANES fashion designs & hats are sold in limited editions only to keep pieces special. Once sold out - a design will never be available again in the exact same style. Each piece is exclusively sold via this online boutique.




Environmentally conscious, all day wear creations are designed & carefully handmade from natural and bio degradable fabrics in PRETTIE LANES' private inhouse atelier in Zurich, Switzerland. Ethically manufactured, swiss slow fashion. All made-to-order without producing any surplus or garment waste.




PRETTIE LANES offers the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage in your size. The true to era designs (yet no vintage reproductions) are manufactured using vintage sewing and construction techniques & period accurate materials, creating a signature vintage look & feel.




The in-house design and manufacturing process at PRETTIE LANES allow for customized designs as well as customized sizing. Body positivity is one of the core values of the company that cherishes and serves clients of all shapes and sizes around the globe.




Welcome to one of the smallest „fashion houses“ in the world! PRETTIE LANES is an independent one-woman business with the designer F. Schlupski caring about each process on her own serving clients in to date more than 40 countries worldwide with day wear, hats and evening & bridal gowns. Shop small - Enjoy the special!


PRETTIE LANES offers much more than a handmade, period - authentic design. It sells the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage, in your size...

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