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V I V A   L A S   V E G A S   R O C K A B I L L Y   W E E K E N D   2 0 1 7


P r e t t i e   L a n e  s   F a s h i o n   S h o w   &   V e n d i n g   B o o t h

                                            14th April 2017                at Car Show 15th April 2017

This page is dedicated to my beautiful, kind and breathtaking models who will rock the runway

for me and all the vintage lovers joining the fashion show!

Without you and your support, there would be no fashion show for my small one-woman business.

You are my stars and I will never forget the moments of joy when each of you confirmed to walk for me!


Have a look at their stories, businesses and find out about their biggest fashion fauxpaxs,

what they will pack for VLV and much more, here! 


*** The order and picture size in which the models are showcased has no special meaning - it is no ranking!




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