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PRETTIE LANES offers much more than a handmade, period - authentic design.

It sells the 'new' traditional - fashioned alternative to true vintage, in your individual size.



With my label Franziska Schlupski PRETTIE LANES I want to revive the iconic fashion of the 1940s and  1950s with nostalgic styles for all of you ladies, who cherish the femininity and romance of that era.Authenticity, the love for details and timeless elegance shape my collections.

With vintage sewing techniques and carefully selected fabrics and materials I intend to create designs that are as authentic as possible. Metal zippers, rayon seam hemming, fabrics in limited editions and a lot of handstiching are just a few things I use to develop this 'vintage look and feel' for my garments.


Feel what it is like to wear a handmade, vintage garment and enjoy the advantage of simply choosing your inividual size.

All designs are handmade in my little studio in Zurich, Switzerland and are produced in limited editions only.

This provides you with garments that assure you will hardly see someone else on an event wearing the same outfit. And it again mirrors the idea of creating 'vintage-like' pieces that can barely be found in high quantities nowadays.


Starting sewing when I was 11 years old, I soon received my  first sewing machine from my grandparents as a gift for my 12th birthday. I never stopped designing and sewing ever since. After my graduation in 'Leisure and Tourism Management' in Germany, where I am originally from, I gathered all my courage and after 1.5 years of preparation, launched my label on 15th April 2015 after 15 years of (autodidact) sewing and design experience.

A dream came true ...  

I always was and still am a one-woman-business only.


From the design, the pattern making, the sewing, the fabric and material sourcing over to the creation of my website, the handling of social media accounts, the creation of my pictures and vintage inspired ads, the packing and posting of orders - all is done by me with passion & love.

My clients make my dream go on and on ... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

PRETTIE LANES stands for


and limited edition designs, handmade in Switzerland.


garments to ensure the best fit.


yet newly created patterns (no vintage patterns).


construction, sewing techniques and materials.

products to fulfill your vintage dreams.


and individual customer service of an one-woman business.


... your vintage lifestyle!



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                                 1 - 2 weeks, starting late August


                                    * Made-to-measures and Multi-item orders have prolonged turnaround times.

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