Veil Hat 'Rose 1952' in Navy
CHF 120.00
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CHF 120.00 = € 100.00 / £ 88.00 / $ 123.00


Beautiful 1950s inspired veil hat in Navy and Purple.

This model was especially designed for those of you, who ordered my Chiffon Dress 'Ginger Rose' in Navy. To create the perfect finish, combine this hat and dress with the matching Taffeta Swing Coat '1952'.

The pictures of the same hat in Green are for visualization purposes. The Green version is available here.


It's made, using the same Chiffon fabric the dress is made of, combined with Purple Taffeta roses (same fabric like the Swingcoat) and true vintage Navy Blue Velvet millinery leaves. Topped with a dotted black veil for the extra glamour.


The hat is entirely hand-stitched.

It has 2 elastic loops at the back that come with 2 small attached combs. You can either use these combs or remove them and thread Bobby Pins through the elastic to fix the hat on your head. 

(Customization on request.)





>>> Wired Circle, covered in Chiffon.

>>> Elastic loops and combs to fix the hat on your head.

>>> Beautiful dotted veil netting.

>>> True vintage millinery leaves.

>>> Handmade Taffeta Roses.

>>> All handsewn.





Vintage Millinery, Wire, Combs, Elastic, Netting/Veiling, Taffeta, Chiffon, Lining



One size fits most.


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                                             In time for Spring!


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