Hat 'Summer Swirl 1942' in Red

One Size.

Hat 'Summer Swirl 1942' in Red

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This Hat is a perfect staple for any hot Summer day. The wonderful red goes with so many looks. Worn straight or angled, on the forehead, middle head or back head - whatever style you prefer. The floral bouquet (made of true vintage millinery flowers) on top of the 'swirled' crown adds a fresh summer breeze to this lovely accessory.


It is made of a wonderful bright red colored, natural Jute material that has been blocked to a true vintage 1940s dome shaped hat block with a small crown. It features a typical vintage construction of wired Velvet that is shaped around the crown and has two wire loops on both sides to hold the hat in place on your head. Additional Bobby Pins can be added to the loops for more intense stability (but they are not needed!)


The hat is heavily stiffened multiple times to allow the brim to stay in shape WITHOUT any wire along the brim edge to further support the design of a light summer hat. So please note: the edge of this hat is raw/cut. As its stiffened and there will be no reshaping or fraying at all but the edge itself feels a little bit rougher than brim edges that have i.e. bias binding (please see 5th pic).


The hat can be ordered with or without the floral bouquet on top of the crown. If you order the hat without the florals, a small Velvet ribbon will be added in the back of the crown to hide the ends of the wire (otherwise floral bouquet hides wire ends).


If you purchase the hat and more items, the hat will be shipped in a seperate box to prevent any damage.






>>> Diameter: approx. 38cm / 15''inch

>>> Unlined inner crown section (see pictures, Velvet ribbon only).

>>> Hat holds in place by wired Velvet loops.

>>> The Jute is stiffened. (no wire is incorporated).





Natural Jute Fiber, Velvet, True Vintage Millinery Flowers, Wire



One size.