Hat 'Summer Crown 1943' in Walnut

One Size.

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Your versatile Summer 'Crown' for any occasion!


This 40s style open crown hat is a perfect staple for any warm and sunny day. It's a typical platter hat style with the crown being smaller than your head, making the hat sit on top. The wonderful Walnut Brown color is best shown in the last picture.


Worn straight or angled, on the forehead, middle head or back head - whatever style you prefer. The Velvet ribbon that is hand sewn to the top is forming subtle bows that are just beautifully coordinating with the overall design of this hat. The ribbon can also be used as a base for clipping on floral accessories to match your individual outfit (see pictures).


The hat comes with a hat elastic of your choice (available colors: Brown, Black, White) and a small comb that is attached on the front inner hat band. This comb is especially useful to keep the hat in place when wearing it on the backhead ('halo' style). The hat elastic can again be used as a base to attach floral accessories on the bottom side of the hat.

There are also two little buttons attached to the inner hat band. These serve as a basis for hat bands from the Prettie Lanes range to match your outfit. It again shows how versatile this open crown hat is and how it will be a loyal companion for many future Prettie Lanes designs. Once you have this basic hat design in your wardrobe, you can order various hat bands in the future and will always have a complete and wonderful coordinating outfit.


If you purchase the hat and more items, the hat will be usually shipped in a seperate box to prevent any damage.

* Hat shown with floral accessories and hat band by Prettie Lanes (not included).






>>> Diameter: approx. 39cm / 15,4''inch

>>> Open crown (inner) diameter: approx. 13cm / 5.1''inch

>>> Hat holds in place by hat elastic and comb.





Natural Straw, Velvet, Ribbon, Hat Elastic, Metal Comb, Buttons.



One size.