So, if I order from a country listed (Germany, Austria, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) I don´t pay any customs/duties?



When ordering through the Prettie Lanes Premium Service Online Boutique you do not pay the usual import duties, customs or any other fees upon arrival of your package. All of these costs have been paid by Prettie Lanes already. So it´s like ordering from a shop in your country where you always get packages delivered without any further payments.


All import costs arising when ordering at Prettie Lanes from one of the listed countries are paid - they don´t disappear. A part of these costs are covered by the client through the risen prices in the Premium Service Online Boutique (Product prices are adjusted to +18% in comparison to the regular Prettie Lanes shop listings). All the rest of the fees due are covered by Prettie Lanes.


If you wish to order through the regular shop you can do so at any time. It simply means that all costs arising are covered by yourself (as usual). The extra service is an offer only and no obligation when ordering from the listed countries.


Also please note, that products with very low remaining sizes ("almost sold out") may be sold out in the Premium Service Boutique but still available in the regular boutique (to prevent double orders of last pieces). If you are interested in ordering such an item, you can do so by ordering through the regular shop and making a note during checkout that you wish Premium Service included. A PayPal invoice for the remaining 18% will then be set up for you.


Product prices at the Premium Service Boutique are adjusted to around +18% in comparison to the regular Prettie Lanes shop listings where there is no customs clearance service included.


When ordering through the regular shop, you will pay your national VAT & handling fees upon arrival of your package as import costs. Since your country´s VAT is higher than 18% (i.e. Germany 19%, Austria 20%, Netherlands 21% etc) and so the import VAT due upon arrival of your package is higher than 18% you already save a bit. In addition, all extra handling fees & charges on top of that are included in the new price as well, respectively covered by Prettie Lanes, so your saving potential is striking. All import VAT, handling fees & charges are paid by Prettie Lanes with all legally required documents being provided.


Due to high handling costs per package for the offered customs clearance service, it is unfortunately not possible to ship items with this service that are valued lower than 329,-CHF. (This amount equals approx. 1 dress that would cost 279,-CHF in the regular shop without any customs clearance service provided by Prettie Lanes).


This is why single hats (valued less) cannot be ordered with this service but if you wish to order a hat in combination with a dress, its no problem and an individual invoice can be set up for you, including customs clearance service for all products. For that, just contact Prettie Lanes by email or the contact form, stating the products (and sizes) you wish to order as well as your full name, address and PayPal email.


For ordering a single hat only, you can simply use the regular shop to order. It just means that the import VAT and fees due upon arrival of the package in your country are covered by yourself instead of by Prettie Lanes. Please also note, that it is not possible to order products from the Premium Boutique and the regular boutique in the same order together.




You can order via the regular online boutique at any time. It just means that the import VAT and fees due upon arrival of the package in your country are covered by yourself instead of by Prettie Lanes, just as usual. The Premium Service Online Boutique is an EXTRA service offered and no obligation at any time. But its the perfect service for every client from the listed countries, who wishes to receive an order without any "headaches" about import VAT and fees that will arise.


What you pay at checkout of your order will be all. No hidden costs later on.


In the future, Prettie Lanes may add more countries to the list at slightly adjusted conditions (think of different import VAT per country that have to be covered as well as different handling fees per country).


But for the moment, the customs clearance service is offered for the listed countries only.


Flatrate shipping means that you can buy as many items as you wish for the fixed postage of 38,-CHF. For more information, please have a look at my 'Shipping & Returns' - section. You can also consider to order together with a friend and share the shipping flatrate, repsectively bundle orders to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint of your order.

NEW DESIGNS launch year-around.

CUSTOMIZE your size & add extras.




Away from mass production and sameness - PRETTIE LANES fashion designs & hats are sold in limited editions only. Once sold out - a design will never be available again in the exact same style & material to maintain specialty and exclusivity. Following a sustainable, made-to-order policy, you can order your very own PRETTIE LANES original exclusively via this online boutique and can choose from a variety of sizes & customizations.




Environmentally conscious, the day wear creations and hats are designed & handmade to order from era accurate, natural-,  bio degradable fabrics and durable materials in PRETTIE LANES' atelier in Zurich, Switzerland. The in-house pattern creation and size customization options will make it easy for you to order your individual size without(!) the nowadays commonly used plastic based stretch fibers necessary to ‚fit in‘. Ethically manufactured, slow fashion without any surplus produced.





PRETTIE LANES offers the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage in your size - the original since 2015. All designs are manufactured using finest, historically accurate sewing and construction techniques as well as period accurate materials, creating that signature vintage look & feel emphasized by a generous amount of hand-stitched details - a luxury component all PRETTIE LANES originals feature.





The in-house design and manufacturing process at PRETTIE LANES allow for customized designs as well as customized sizing. Choose a custom waist, a custom bodice length, a custom skirt length or go for a full made-to-measure. Body positivity is one of the core values of this company that cherishes and serves clients of all shapes and sizes around the globe by creating flattering and well fitted silhouettes without harmful plastic-based stretch fibers.




Welcome to one of the smallest „fashion houses“ in the world! PRETTIE LANES is an independent one-woman business with the designer & owner F.Schlupski caring about each process on her own- from the design & pattern creation to sourcing, manufacturing, marketing & more. To date PRETTIE LANES serves clients in more than 41 countries worldwide with ethically made, sustainable slow fashion. Shop small - Enjoy the special!


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PRETTIE LANES offers much more than a handmade, period - authentic design. It sells the new, traditionally fashioned alternative to true vintage, in your size...

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