As promised…

Today you can take a peek behind the scenes at 'Franziska Schlupski PRETTIE LANES'. And where can one be more creative if not in an original 50s surrounding!

The 'hatchery of ideas' - here it is ... my petite & cozy atelier ...

These are my favourites - a linen-covered dress form, framed by a Fifties sewing box on wheels (right) and a mid – century dresser (left). Both true vintage pieces I got from my grannies. Accessorized with 1950s novelties – it is just a perfect inspiring and calm workplace for me.

I love storing buttons, pearls and other small sewing materials in glasses! It is decorative and functional at the same time as you always know what is inside...

Now a question to all of you, who really enjoy original, old things - Do you like this smell of vintage stuff (magazines, clothing, furniture,...) like I do?

Or am I getting weird now? I cannot describe this typical smell but it sheer makes me happy! For me its the 'smell of yesterdays' and it 'lives' in my 1950s vintage dresser! *giggling*.

I'm always putting some soap in this lovely piece of furniture. It is a very delicate, natural, fresh component that is added, besides the effect that it prevents you from moths :) .

I store my personal fabrics there – and let me tell you – I love that these new fabrics smell like vintage ones after some time. Is that crazy … or genius? *laughing*

What do you think?

To cover up a bit of my weirdness now :) – let's talk about why authenticity is so important to me when it comes to my own designs.  I love the look and feel of vintage garments from the 50s era - the way it is sewn and finished,  the fabrics and materials used. And I want to transfer this look and feel to my creations as well. That is why I always keep an eye on producing as authentic as possible.

But this requires effort and patience since original sewing techniques go in line with a lot of handsewing and handwork and you have to be a good researcher to find authentic materials today, from zippers, over buttons to fabrics and other materials used.

Covered metal buttons and belt buckles, metal zippers and handmade blind hems with original rayon seam binding are major techniques and materials I make use of. Typical pinked and open seams (upper right) are created wherever it does not affect the durability of the garments, which is very important to me, Think of fraying seams after some time! In these cases, I do professionally overlock the designs (lower right). To finish my creations I love to use true vintage petty wares, like original buttons, belt buckles or trimmings wherever I can.

Any thoughts? Tell me if the 'smell of yesterdays' catches you too …

...just leave your name and your comment below :)


Franziska :)

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    Assignment Help (Friday, 30 June 2017 12:56)

    I cherish putting away catches, pearls and additional little sewing resources in eyeglasses! Also, I need to exchange this seem to be and suffer to my manifestations too. That is the reason I generally watch out for creating as real as would be prudent.

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    Secured metal catches and belt clasps, metal zippers and carefully assembled daze sews with unique rayon crease restricting are significant strategies and materials I make utilization of. Run of the mill pinked and open creases upper right are made wherever it doesn't influence the strength of the pieces of clothing,

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